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Getting the best out of today's technologies through advanced development techniques, enables us to re-use components and modules to craft new applications at a rate of speed not typically experienced within the financial market place


iSoTranslate™ is a generic translation/mapping tool that enables the de/re-construction of financial data between formats.

Originally developed as a core module of the iActs™ corporate action component Notifications Management, iSoTranslate™ has been extended and can be used in the translation/mapping of most financial  messaging formats.

iSoTranslate™ for Fund Processing

iSoTranslate™ for Fund Processing enables the automatic translation of subscriptions, redemptions and switches, presented in proprietary form into ISO20022.

iSoTranslate™ supports the mandatory Funds Migration Programme and can be used by firms to transition from proprietary or MT (ISO15022) format into MX (ISO20022) format.

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