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Learn a little about the culture of our company with this Corporate Overview.


Corporate Overview


The capture of corporate action announcement notifications is the start of the process.

This Notifications Management factsheet describes how iActs™ establishes a corporate action Master Record


Notifications Management


The impact a corporate action will have is dictated by the positions affected by it.

This factsheet describes what the iActs™ Positions Management component does and why it is important to the corporate action process.


Positions Management


Good communication between all interested parties is critical if risk is to be mitigated.

Read how iActs™ Elections Management achieves this.


Elections Management


Ensuring corporate action instructions are acted upon once delivered is critical.

Read how iActs™ Instructions Management achieves this.


Instructions Management


Hear what the Head of Trading and Director of Operations had to say about iActs™ v1 (for Election Management).

Bringing the Front Office as willing participants into the process is easy when the corporate action tool they interact through is iActs™.

Press Release

iActs™ in action at Loomis

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